Sunday, January 2, 2011

'Night 'Night iPhone Alarm Victims

Dear iPhone Alarm Victims,
You bought a phone. It is not 'smart.' It is programmed. It is a piece of technology designed and built by human beings who may or may not be smart and marketed by others who are most definitely smart. This may be news, but technology fails. If you enjoy your phone and its many features that keep you busy busy busy then great, but please be accountable for your decisions rather than whining and grumbling and complaining when your choices have repercussions. Understanding it is not a popular trait nor, perhaps, a familiar concept with many people these days, you are 'responsible' for your decision to use your telephone to wake yourself up. *Please note here: If you are interested in formulating a back-up plan for future phone alarm catastrophes, while alarm clocks can now be found in many configurations such as combined with radios, watches, phones, and other unique electronic items, interestingly enough, there are also clocks whose only function is providing you with the opportunity to set an alarm to sound at a dedicated time. Perhaps an additional alarm clock may be beneficial to you. Either as a symbol that you recognize and accept responsibility for this horrid alarm fiasco you lament. . .or as a convenient scapegoat for your future choices.

In making your purchase you may want to plan ahead and consider that with an electric variety you might enjoy the convenience of blaming the electric company if the alarm does not go off. With a battery operated type it's possible you could make a case for blaming the battery manufacturers for a bad batch of batteries. . .or perhaps a family member bought the wrong type of batteries for you. Wow. That one actually affords you two blamees. And while an old-style traditional wind-up clock would seemingly be the most reliable of any you could buy and provide a bit of a challenge in conjuring up some rationale for its failure, by calling on all of your blame-shifting skills you can certainly come up with some nasty accusation such as this unsounding-alarm-travesty being the result of poor workmanship or your damn child's bad bad behavior in overwinding the clock.

Although I only had a few moments to spare on my way to bed tonight I was shocked to hear of your situation, and I wanted to share some information that might be helpful with potential future alarm clock purchases. See you in the morning. . .?


  1. You lost me on this one, Kristie, my dear. JC

  2. JC,
    There was an uproar over the New Year's weekend over some malfunctioning in the alarm clock component of some iPhones. Apparently it was quite a crisis for many and was top news because people were distraught that their alarms did not go off and wake them.